About Us

OUR STORY Our story began with our love on Odo, our special Miniature Schnauzer, who has been with us since 2013. A playful dog with a sensitive stomach, it has been difficult to find the right treat for him, so we decided to create a place where he, and other dogs, can get special treats, that are not just healthy, but also playful.
Opened in 2007 as Doodle Dog, we acquired the business to continue its legacy in providing healthy and fun treats to your dogs, and renamed it to Doodle Doo, a special nod to our little Odo. Together with our talented and highly-skilled pastry chef, we use only the best and real ingredients, that would give the treats its luscious taste and canine-friendly nutrients.
With its new ownership, we will continue to provide the best and healthy treats for dogs and to give the people that love them a piece of mind knowing that what they are giving to their dogs, not only will make the souls of these dogs happy but will also provide them with the nutrients they need.